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A Day at the Races poster
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  A Day at the Races

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Re 1952 (1937)
Al Hirschfeld
Poster Artist
Here’s a collectable and fun poster featuring the artwork of one of cinema’s most famous poster illustrators. Al Hirschfeld was an artist, cartoonist, caricaturist and poster creator who was active for many decades, signing off his last limited edition print (of Charlie Chaplin) at the age of 100. Along the way, he produced literally hundreds of classic posters for the studios, particularly in the Golden Age of Hollywood. This poster was used in an early (1952) cinematic re-release of the second Marx Brothers film made at MGM for producer Irving Thalberg (who died before it was finished and released in 1937). The studio made the brothers more accessible to a broader audience by introducing high production values, meaningful love interest sub-plots and lavish musical numbers as well as the customary harp solo from Harpo Marx and piano solo from Chico Marx. And it’s the one featuring Groucho Marx as Dr Hugo Z Hackenbush. And here’s the pop quiz for fans of 70s rock music – what’s the connection between The Marx Brothers and Queen? This original US One Sheet poster (measuring 27” x 41”) has been conservation linen-backed and displays very nicely.
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