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12th November, 2018

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Mary Poppins Returns

20th October, 2018

One of the year's most keenly awaited Christmas releases is the Mary Poppins sequel from Disney, coming fifty four years after the original.

Homage, tribute, re-imagining, sacrilege, pointless, charming, delightful and more are all descriptions which it has attracted pre-release.

We're going to wait until it's out to comment, other than to say that, like many, our favourite part of the trailer is the tiny clip of Dick Van Dyke dancing in character as Mr Dawes Jr, the son of the elderly Mr Dawes Jr who he portrayed in the original as well as playing Bert.

Mary Poppins Returns Trailer

The original remains one of the most popular children's films, and its iconic poster artwork and lobby cards all featuring memorable scenes are becoming harder to find and more collectable. The release of the sequel is bound to make them even more scarce, as a new generation of movie-goers sees this new release and is then introduced to the classic Julie Andrews version.

Original Mary Poppins Posters

Stan and Ollie: Premiere at London Film Festival

6th October, 2018

A surprising - to some - amount of interest is being shown in the upcoming Laurel and Hardy bio-pic, starring Steve Coogan and John C Reilly. Concentrating on their tours of the UK after they stopped making movies, it's pre-reviews are positive, and its premiere is closing the BFI London Film Festival 2018.

And its trailer has already been viewed over a million times.

Watch official trailer here

We have many original posters and lobby cards from their film career, just a few of which are shown here.

Stan and Ollie posters

No Hancock in BFI Comedy Genius Season?

29th September, 2018

We are big fans of the BFI. And big fans of comedy, especially British comedy. So we were disappointed to see that the BFI's Comedy Genius season isn't showing any of the (admittedly few) big screen outings of the Lad Himself, Tony Hancock. Whatever the critics said at the time, his two starring vehicles are classics (The Rebel, known in the US as Call Me Genius, and The Punch and Judy Man) and his cameos in The Wrong Box and Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines lift both those films.

Hancock posters

Fenella Fielding

12th September, 2018

British tv and cinema have lost another female icon this week, with the sad news of the death of Fenella Fielding. Her film credits were less than you might have thought, perhaps the result of what she saw as being typecast after appearances in 1960s comedies. That may be right, but if you're going to be best remembered for a Carry On classic, then Fenella's Valeria Watt in Carry On Screaming would be hard to beat. Unfortunately, as far as we know that was the only film in which her billing was high enough to warrant appearing on the main posters.

Screaming and more