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Mary Poppins Returns

20th October, 2018

One of the year's most keenly awaited Christmas releases is the Mary Poppins sequel from Disney, coming fifty four years after the original.

Homage, tribute, re-imagining, sacrilege, pointless, charming, delightful and more are all descriptions which it has attracted pre-release.

We're going to wait until it's out to comment, other than to say that, like many, our favourite part of the trailer is the tiny clip of Dick Van Dyke dancing in character as Mr Dawes Jr, the son of the elderly Mr Dawes Jr who he portrayed in the original as well as playing Bert.

Mary Poppins Returns Trailer

The original remains one of the most popular children's films, and its iconic poster artwork and lobby cards all featuring memorable scenes are becoming harder to find and more collectable. The release of the sequel is bound to make them even more scarce, as a new generation of movie-goers sees this new release and is then introduced to the classic Julie Andrews version.

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