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Saul Bass

26th February, 2011

Another London exhibition has just opened to showcase the film works of Saul Bass. Widely recognised as the greatest US graphic artist to have worked in the film industry, his unmistakable style is seen not only in the credits and titles sequences of many classic movies, but also in the poster and lobby card artwork for those and other films. He is the most requested poster artist in our Gallery, and whenever we display his work, it is always commented on, by people who know it is by Saul Bass, and by people who have never heard of Saul Bass but are immediately taken by the stunning imagery. Original movie posters and lobby cards are increasingly hard to find, but we aim always to have a selection available. We are currently pleased to offer as a set of four, framed title cards featuring some of his greatest work: from Advise and Consent, Anatomy of a Murder, Saint Joan and The Man with the Golden Arm.

Saul Bass Movie Artwork