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Welcome Back, Doris Day

18th September, 2011

The BBC have announced that Doris Day is the oldest ever singer to make the Top 10 with an album of new material (or newish, at least). When you've bought that and are playing it constantly, now turn to her movies. Most people will think of her pairings with Rock Hudson and Cary Grant, but there was a lot more than that. And most poster collectors will vote the One Sheet for Pillow Talk as the best or most collectable image. But again, there are a lot more wonderful images than that one, and at the moment they are good value as well as being a lot of fun. Have a look at a selection of what we have in stock, or let us know if you are looking for a particular movie or image that we aren't currently showing, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Doris Day Posters and Lobby Cards