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Thunderbirds Are Go! poster
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  Thunderbirds Are Go!

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Five – Four – Three – Two - One. For anyone who was a child in the early sixties (or early nineties, when a new generation of fans sprang up from the latest tv repeats), there are only three words that could follow. Thunderbirds are Go! Filmed in Supermarionation, the adventures of the Tracy family had us enthralled as they undertook the most incredible rescues. Using the super technology designed by Brains, Scott, Virgil, John, Alan and Gordon – under the direction of former astronaut father, Jeff Tracy – overcame collapsing bridges, sabotaged super jets, giant alligators and much much more. Not forgetting the assistance of London agent, Lady Penelope and her ex-jailbird chauffeur, Parker, and the evil plans of The Hood, the half-brother of Tracy servant, Kyrano. Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson were responsible for a series of puppet adventures from the late fifties through to the eighties. But of these, including Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Stingray, the standout by far was Thunderbirds, with that stirring theme music from the great Barry Gray. Its popularity was enough to earn the show two cinema outings, Thunderbirds Are Go in 1966 and Thunderbird Six in 1968. This film starts with a malfunction for spaceship Zero-X and includes a clash with space aliens and a guest appearance from Cliff Richard and The Shadows. For the American market, the distributors focussed on the sci-fi elements, with only two of the five Thunderbird craft featuring on the poster, and no mention at all of Cliff, who never really made it in the US. The pop quiz is: can you identify the two Thunderbirds which are on the poster, and remember the name of Kyrano’s daughter, who was Thunderbird 3 pilot, Alan’s, love interest in the tv series? And yes, we know that the show was also re-booted as a live action movie in 2004, and is back on tv now as an animated series, still using the voice talents of David Graham, the original Parker. This original US One Sheet poster (measuring 27” x 41”) has been conservation linen backed and looks fresh and colourful, despite being 53 years old.
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