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This Week's Opening Hours

19th October, 2020

Monday, 19th October - 11:30-18:00

Tuesday, 20th October - 11:00-18:00

Wednesday, 21st October - 11:00-18:00

Thursday, 22nd October - 11:00-18:00

Friday, 23rd October - 11:00-18:00

Saturday, 24th October - 11:00-18:00

Sunday, 25th October - 12:00-17:00

Cliff is 80

17th October, 2020

This week saw the third 80th birthday (or birth date) celebration of a musical legend. Hot on the heels of Ringo and John, Sir Cliff Richard has just celebrated his 80th birthday. His music career started before the Beatles and is still going strong, with a new album and tour both on the way. But we haven't heard any rumours of a film comeback, so fans will have to make do with re-watching his sixties outings including the great Summer Holiday. Or for a bit more grit, his debut in 1959's Expresso Bongo, or an interesting portrayal of a merchant banker in 1973's Take Me High, his latest (to date) film.

Cliff Movie Art

John Lennon

9th October, 2020

Music lovers across the globe (or should that be Across the Universe?) will be celebrating what would have been John Lennon's 80th birthday.

We're joining them with a reminder of his brief acting career in the Beatles movies (and he also appeared by himself as Gripweed in 1967's How I Won the War).

He features cinematically in numerous documentaries, and his (and Paul McCartney's) music has graced so many movies through the years.

Lennon Movie Art

BFI's List of Box Office Hits

25th September, 2020

The BFI has recently listed its statistics showing the top box office grossing films in the UK for every year from 1940.

There are some classic titles in there, and a few that we'd forgotten. Many of them are films for which the original posters and lobby cards are highly collectable. We're showing a small selection here from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

And we're reminded that although the 70s may have been the decade that fashion (or music) forgot, the same can't be said of its movies.

Box Office Toppers

Happy 80th, Ringo

11th July, 2020

If you look at any recent concert footage, you'll see that Ringo looks amazingly fit and healthy, and nothing like 80 years old. But he has just had his 80th, so we send him our best birthday wishes.

Of course he'll always be thought of as a musician and a Beatle.

But for a few years, as a result of his great performance in A Hard Day's Night, Ringo was being hailed as a very promising actor, and he went on to star with Peter Sellers and others in a mixed bag of films. Some sixties camp, but some really pretty good. And he also directed, most successfully the Marc Bolan bio, Born to Boogie.

So there's lots to enjoy in the Ringo body of work, and for now we'll just add our own "Peace and Love".

Ringo movie art