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17th February, 2020

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Kirk Douglas

6th February, 2020

It's three years since he reached his Centenary, but we are still sad to learn that Kirk Douglas has passed away. He was Oscar nominated three times but never won except for a Lifetime Achievement award, despite starring in some of Hollywood's biggest movies of the Fifties and Sixties. He was memorably Spartacus, Doc Holliday and Van Gogh, as well as being one of the forerunners of the "star as producer" syndrome, which changed the face of Hollywood as an industry. For those of you who know the name but have never really watched him, we suggest that you start with The Bad and the Beautiful, Ace in the Hole, or Out of the Past (where you will also see Robert Mitchum in top form).

Kirk Douglas posters

Oscars 2020

13th January, 2020

The nominations are out. Somehow, they seem a little same-y this year. But that's just our view!

Maybe it's because we found The Irishman long, not very interesting, and mediocre Scorsese. And Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - it was good, but not that good...……….. (except for Brad Pitt, who surely is going to win).

While we wait, have a look at some of the pieces we have in stock from movies which have won Oscars over the years.

Some past Oscar Winners

Looking for inspiration for a Christmas gift?

22nd December, 2019

Still looking for inspiration for an original gift? - look no further. Everyone has a favourite film, or actor, or director and with our huge stock of vintage original pieces we have something for every budget and everyone - from Disney to James Bond, Star Wars or Audrey Hepburn - to name but a few - to some of the more modern titles. So come into our Gallery or have a look at the website ...

Here are just a few ideas


30th September, 2019

The reviews are in and looking good. As film fans prepare to take in the latest transformation and moving performance from Renee Zellweger, many will also be renewing their acquaintance with the original performances of Judy Garland. And others will be seeing them for the first time. From the Wizard of Oz to I Could Go on Singing with many more in between, there are lots of treats to be had. And for poster collectors, we have a great selection of original posters and lobby cards featuring Judy, some of which you can see here.

Judy Trailer

Judy Images