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Birth of Bing

2nd May, 2020

So it's 117 years since the arrival into this world of Bing Crosby.

We hope that there's no-one out there who hasn't heard of him. Surely everyone has, if only for his Christmas classic recordings, White Christmas and the strange but lovely duet with Bowie, Little Drummer Boy.

But he was also a very popular movie star in the Golden Age of Hollywood. He appeared in shorts directed by Mack Sennett in the early days of sound films, and went on to star in numerous musicals, romances, light comedies, and the occasional straight dramatic role.

Our favourites are High Society and the Road to... series with Bob Hope. But there is plenty of scope for alternative views.

And the Limelight Trivia Quiz today is: by what name was Bing known in Germany??

When you've answered that, please have a look at this small selection of the original posters and lobby cards featuring Bing that we carry in stock. If you're looking for anything else, please just drop us an email.

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