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Happy 80th, Ringo

11th July, 2020

If you look at any recent concert footage, you'll see that Ringo looks amazingly fit and healthy, and nothing like 80 years old. But he has just had his 80th, so we send him our best birthday wishes.

Of course he'll always be thought of as a musician and a Beatle.

But for a few years, as a result of his great performance in A Hard Day's Night, Ringo was being hailed as a very promising actor, and he went on to star with Peter Sellers and others in a mixed bag of films. Some sixties camp, but some really pretty good. And he also directed, most successfully the Marc Bolan bio, Born to Boogie.

So there's lots to enjoy in the Ringo body of work, and for now we'll just add our own "Peace and Love".

Ringo movie art