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Peter Sellers Documentary

10th May, 2020

A new BBC 2 documentary last night provided a good reminder of the comedy talents of Peter Sellers. It follows his career from the Army's Gang Show, through the Goons on the radio, to British comedies of the fifties and then on to Hollywood superstardom.

For many people, he will always be the accident prone Inspector Clouseau of the popular Pink Panther series. But this programme served as a reminder that he was much more than that, with some memorable performances including Fred Kite and Chance the gardener (his only Oscar nomination).

Fortunately, his films are well represented amongst the most collectable original film posters and lobby cards.

The Pink Panther movies have very collectable posters and cards, but probably the most sought after posters in Sellers starring vehicles are The Party (with great Jack Davis artwork) and Kubrick's Dr Strangeleove, with an iconic poster courtesy of Tomi Ungerer.

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Peter Sellers Posters