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RIP Sir Sean Connery - Cinema Icon

1st November, 2020

The press today is dominated by news of the death at 90 of Sir Sean Connery.

There's a fair amount about his politics and views, but of course the coverage is dominated by the cinematic role for which he will inevitably be best remembered - Bond, James Bond.

That's understandable. It's always been the case that the majority of people looking for an original 007 Bond cinema movie poster, for themselves or someone else, specify that it should be Sean Connery. Roger Moore is also popular, as is Daniel Craig, but anyone looking for a statement piece of authentic movie advertising to adorn the walls of their home or office is most likely to want one of the classic Connery Bond outings. Original film posters featuring him in that role are becoming harder and harder to find, and their value has increased to the point where an original UK Quad poster for his 1960s outings are likely to be command prices of several (or many) thousands of pounds.

But there are alternatives. Original Lobby Cards from those same films are smaller and more affordable but can still make a great display when framed.

And we shouldn't forget that Connery was far from being a one trick poster. He won an Oscar for The Untouchables, was impressive in Hitchcock's Marnie, amusing in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, captivating in Entrapment, and almost always gritty, whether in a fantasy adventure like Highlander or a 90s blockbuster such as The Rock.

He was also pretty good at comedy, and our tip for an alternative poster that conjures up the spirit of Bond posters, but at a fraction of the cost, is the original movie poster for 1982's The Man with the Deadly Lens.

RIP Sir Sean

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